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We are looking for writers to cover destinations that they know very well. We’re looking for writers who live in a place or have spent weeks or months exploring a place. We are NOT looking for posts written about a trip you took or a destination you’ve only visited once for a few days at a time. If you have a travel blog, you can link back to it by including 1-2 backlinks in your article, provided the link backs are related to your article and offers values to our readers. We’d love to publish articles that will enlighten our readers, show them new, exciting places to visit and showcase the best events around the world. I’m always looking for ways to work with companies and fellow bloggers.

Once it is published on ViaTravelers it cannot be published anywhere else. Here are my criteria for a guest post on ViaTravelers. We realise that travel is not the same for everybody. (This list is not exhaustive so please forgive us if you don’t see yourself represented in this short paragraph). We have always seen ourselves as a travel diary for everyone. We reserve the right to add additional information to your writing where we deem it necessary but we’ll never change the meaning behind your words.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Please do not send a complete article, essay, or blog post until we have requested it. The second way to get your content published on the site is to approach us with your own ideas, simply by emailing us through the Contact page with your pitch. If we like what we see, you’ll usually receive a response from us within 7-10 business days. Strive for a minimum of 500 words in you article, unless it’s a photo-story. Photo-stories must be at least 300 words and include 8 photos.

We’re really keen to get great travel writers on board who can regularly contribute, whether it’s a new post each quarter, month, fortnight or even each week. If you are interested in a sponsored post, please read the criteria for posting and contact me for further information. Sponsored posts will be marked as no-follow to comply with search engine compliance requests. Trend Around Us is a team of travel enthusiasts working nonstop to bring you quality content and exciting travel stories. The first step is getting your article idea approved.

We will receive great stories that we will be happy to share with our audience. Travel Writers, here’s your chance to get published on India’s fastest growing travel portal. The hit TV series ‘Vikings’ from the History Channel is all set to end this year. Read through our articles and understand our different categories, topics, and styles. Your primary role as a photojournalist is to be a visual storyteller.

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