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Once you have narrowed it down to what website you are going to guest post for, you need to know a lot of things before you reach out to the webmaster of those sites. • Check the important metrics and stats like authority score, referring domains, etc. for the sites you are opting to guest post. For guest blogging you have to be smart in your approach. Since this involves social involvement, you have to strongly check your social communication protocol. And again, if you know why you are pitching, you’d also probably know who it is that you want to reach out to. For example, if you want press coverage, your list should include journalists.

Offer to promote the content within your social networks for greater visibility. Get to know your audience in order to attract the right people. When reaching out to reporters for data studies, keeping it short and to the point is your best route to coverage. If the brand pitching you is an insurance company, for example, does it make sense for them to be talking about the eating habits of consumers? Even so, don’t be afraid to work with the data to find another story that captivates or use external data to back up your point.

Choosing sites relevant to yours to reach out to during your link building outreach efforts also increases the likelihood that they’ll say ‘yes’ to your request. Backlinks are one of the critical factors Google considers when ranking websites on their SERPs. Websites that rank #1 in Google’s search results has nearly 4x more backlinks than other websites listed on Google’s SERPs. Search engine bots are scouring the Internet to find and index new content as you’re reading this. They do this by following links on previously published content like a web page or blog post.


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More specifically, I got a kick out of your post on and even went on to all thanks to you. We have built our own link-building skills over the years and understand the nuances of a client-agency relationship. Don’t submit articles which have been published before online. Growing your skills and evolving as a writer is a never-ending process. You should always be learning and improving yourself. Let’s examine some of the red flags and things to avoid that can potentially derail a successful guest post.

A quick tip – before you reach out, you should definitely have built up some experience and have some relevant, published work you can show. Cold outreach like this needs something to warm the editor up to you. Prove to them that not only can you write well, but that your work will give them results.

You have to come up with a great idea the editor will want to publish. Then, you’ll have to send a killer email that will stand out from the hundreds of other guest post requests they receive each day. Yes, prospecting is easy in the beginning, but when you are looking for new websites in your niche for the hundredth time, that’s when it starts to get really tedious.

Pitches are submitted by filling out a detailed form at the bottom of the guidance page. Guest posts are clearly labeled on the menu with your name, description, and a monochrome photo. HubSpot has high editorial requirements and gets thousands of pitches. Our value proposition—giving the website editor free content—is going to be enough to win a link on their website without having to pay for the privilege. Follow this to make sure you’ve got Link Building For SEO – Why You Need it Now & How To Begin Outreach. I’m reaching out to high-quality sites with pages featuring resources.

Following the same patterns, links from high-authority websites are more valuable than any general link that you get. If you have any specific questions or comments about blog writing for link-building and SEO, please feel free to ask in the comments section below. Lastly, with your blog post URL – it should use keywords. Use your keywords, but don’t use unnecessary words like “the” or “and”. One thing I’m mindful of when writing a blog post these days is outbound links. For link-building and SEO, it is also going to be beneficial for you to reference and link to other websites in your post.

Google use backlinks like a “vote” and each vote could be considered like an endorsement for the page it’s pointing to. So, as you can see, backlinks provide a variety of benefits. Basically, the more backlinks you have pointing back to your website, the more popular it will be.

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