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I know what it feels like to pour your heart and soul into a guest post. I want people to know you wrote it, and I want them to be able to easily find your website, landing page, and social media profiles. We often have a backlog of guest posts and only use 4-5 per month, so it may take 8-10 weeks for your post to appear.

We have five steps in place to make sure your content makes it onto our blog. After submitting your draft, please be patient and wait for our review. It might take us a few days to reply and let you know if your submission is approved or not.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

We will review your submission within 4-5 working days. Before submitting your post or article, kindly go through our website and ensure that a blog on similar topic has not been posted before. Topics which have been previously published on our website won’t be accepted. The post should be original and not published anywhere else; no plagiarized content would be accepted. All our articles are passed through a plagiarism scanner to ensure that the written content has not been published before whether partly or completely.

We decided to open up for guest posting to give our readers and entrepreneurs a chance to build their brand. So we like to work with real people and not with SEO agencies. Please get to know us a bit better before sending us your article.

After one too many unexpected late night code fires, we went searching for a set of application performance management tools to help us put an end to it. What we found told us what was broken, but lacked the ability to tell us why our applications failed, or how to maintain them and prevent the potential dumpster fire. So, we built Retrace and Prefix to do exactly that.

Asking whether your article is getting published or not. If we have selected your article, you’ll hear from us. To submit your article idea, please fill out the form below. Outgoing links must be relevant to our blog. For example, linking to dating sites, SEO agencies, Credit-related sites, etc. aren’t allowed.

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