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Your work will be published on our website and shared across our social media network, reaching thousands of readers. If you are interested in this partnership, please fill in the form below with a pitch about your potential draft and why it will benefit/interest our readers. You may choose to include some background on yourself. We will do our best to get back to you within five business days. Not all articles need to be prescriptive, but they should be solutions-oriented.

In today’s fast-paced world, there’s no shortage of research, scientific discoveries, technological breakthroughs, and environmental issues that people want to know about. If you are looking for a quality blog for guest posting, you are in the right place. We will be happy to share your Article on our website. We won’t accept promotional or business names like Natural herbal solutions, medical care agents, seo services U.K, A.B.C food and health limited etc. Please use your real name and a real contact email address. By signing up with your email address, you give us the right to contact you if any need be.

Check out this Q&Awith a former editor about how to land front-of-book assignments. Few magazines have been around as long asPopular Science. It made its debut in 1872, and has been one of the most widely-read magazines around the world about science and technology for the average reader ever since. You’ll need to know a lot about The Garden State to write for New Jersey Monthly. It’s primarily a lifestyle magazine for the East coast state with an estimated 9 million people. But an estimated 100 million people a year visit New Jersey.

If your article is published, you will receive a small honorarium. By relying on science-based strategies shown to increase well-being, we ensure that our content has a positive impact. But we take impact a step further by continuing to explore what is most useful and valuable to our community. This is how we ensure that our resources become even more impactful in the future.


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If you quote someone, cite a statistic, or refer to research, make sure you cite your sources in your list of references at the end of the article. Our thanks for supporting rejuvenation research and helping to keep our audience informed of scientific progress. All materials from first-time contributors should be accompanied by an author headshot, a preferred affiliation , and a social media handle . Science is undoubtedly challenging, but learning about it doesn’t have to be! Our mission here at FTLOScience is to foster the love of science by making scientific concepts accessible and understandable to scientists and non-scientists alike.

If you’ve got some journalism experience, and the ability to explain science in a way that’s interesting, engaging, and educational to the average reader, pitch a story idea to the magazine. Start with a front-of-book pitch in 200 words or less. Land that assignment, and move on to pitching full-length features of 1,000 words or more.