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Esportsmusk.com is a gaming website which offers PC and console video games coverage. At Esportsmusk, we review, criticize, describe and offer a detailed information on video games and other related contents. We cover the gaming niche and uncover secrets and deliver awesome contents from behind the scenes of the industry. Publishes engaging stories based on video game artists, fans, and culture. They previously listed pay as $0.25 per word, but now state that they pay both on effort and word count. ” They imply that they’ll be willing to pay a significant sum for the right kind of article.

If it’s a brand, you’re likely to want to promote your brand instead. IdealCPU is always looking for more gaming content – especially from gamers and writers or brands who want to feature their products and services. There are certain guidelines for guest posting that have to be followed before submitting your samples.

So, make sure that the content you are willing to publish here is perfectly following up on these guidelines. You are free to check and write upon a wide range of contents from theGaming niche. The number of guest posts requests to be posted at our blog is quite huge, but we are quite picky as per selection measures. We don’t allow everyone to publish their guest posts at gaming Write for Us. Guest posting will not only support your blog or website only but will also help us in covering a wide range of topics. It is the way we can vast up our limits and can share unique information with our readers as well.

Keep in mind, we are not responsible for your affiliate commissions and we don’t guarantee that by publishing content on our site, you’ll make money with your gaming content. This will help 100% up to you and how good your content is. The better it is, the higher it’ll rank, and the more visibility it’ll get. We are currently accepting applications for writers to publish on our platform.

From the indie video game to the dominating AAA that needs a 1000Gb day one update, we’ve got you covered. So, stop thinking much and explore this interesting platform and know how easy it to connect people or expressing your view to a large audience with this wonderful platform. Add relevant links according to search engines that offer value to the readers. Irrelevant link adding for the sake of it is not appreciated.


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Raging Swan Press is a UK-based roleplaying game publisher that “specialises in producing products for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.” They want articles of 500 words. They pay 11 cents per word, up to a maximum of $55. Aclassblogs.com is asking do you want to write for gaming?

Pressed leather cues are among the most popular types of lines in today’s pool and billiards game. They offer several benefits that make them the top choice among serious billiards players. The theme of the material would be how to type an article or any typical list. Any type of product or self-promotional piece is not permitted. There will be no affiliate or referral links permitted. A suitable copyright-free image must be included in your article.

Is an adventure fiction and gaming magazine, harking back to genre magazines of yore. They feature fiction, tabletop role-playing games, and non-fiction articles that may be of interest to sword and sorcery gamers. Deorbital is a “videogame-aligned journal for insightful articles on games, culture, and society.” They prioritize writing from marginalized voices and young writers. For those who want to get paid to write about something fun — here’s a list of 24 magazines, blogs, and websites that publish writing about games. Topics include video games, board games, roleplaying games, and more.

By submitting an article to MuMu, you agree to our use of it on MuMu’s website . In addition, you agree that you will not seek payment from MuMu for it now or in the future, nor will you bring an infringement action. Yes, we accept paid submissions – however we advise you run pitches past us first, and include samples to past work. We look for responsible people, who write in the correct way so that the content can be understood by the public of all ages. We will review your articles and post them on our website within 48 hours, after which we will notify you of the update. Your piece should be well-written and free of any grammatical mistakes.

We are extremely thankful for showing up your interest to contribute to this platform. We believe in quality writing and if you own the qualities of writing up unique quality content, you are more than welcome here. We require writers who are driven to succeed, have a way with words, and keep up with what’s trending in the world of gaming. We’re looking for original, informative, and eye-catching articles. First and foremost, we’re looking for writers who are knowledgeable and passionate about the games they cover. Your chances of having your guest post approved are much better.

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