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If you seek compensation, please indicate this clearly in your pitch, and whether the article has been published elsewhere. Any payment must be agreed by the editor in advance. Influence 4 Growth, LLC assumes copyright of the content published on the Natfluence website located at You will be entirely liable for any opinions expressed in the article.

Do not use titles that are already included in our different blogs. You are required to add subheadings, bullet points, paragraphs to make the article more readable. Other outbound links must be relevant to our blog. Please do not link to a competitor’s website.

We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

We’ll schedule you for publication as soon as revisions are complete. We can’t give you a specific publication date until the article is almost ready to go live. If we accept your article, an editor will work closely with you on things like organization, argumentation, and style. Get briefed on the story of the week, and developing stories to watch across the Asia-Pacific.

Many sites and magazines will pay you to contribute content. You can earn as much as $300 per article by writing for publications like The Chronicles of Horse, Woodenboat Editorial, etc. To publish guest posts on our website, you need to add a minimum of one image for each subject of your post. Spin content is another form of copied content that people often use to avoid plagiarism issues in search engines. After doing research, you have to write a detailed piece of content that should cover all the relevant and helpful information in your article. You may submit a rough draft, a partial draft, or a short pitch paired with an outline.

Being grammatically correct gives you an edge over other writers. It boosts confidence and creates a flow in writing. Today anyone can find desirable information through the internet.

If you have a strong grasp of the English language with first-hand experience of being a women entrepreneur, then B. They look for people who know the time, marketing, or profit hack that can increase their income and influence readers. Ensure the articles you write are savvy, snarky, and interesting with actionable takeaways.

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