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If you want to contribute an article to this HR blog, you’ll be glad to hear it! These HR blogs are a great place to start a dialogue on the latest trends and innovations in the industry. If you’re looking for a HR blog to submit a guest post to, consider Workology. It is a blog run by Jessica Miller-Merrell, who has more than 100 published pieces to her name. Workology’s content is divided by experience level, allowing anyone in any role to find something relevant. As a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer, Miller-Merrell is also well connected in the industry.

Link related to any Research or data reference or other Resources that will genuinely benefit the reader and make sense in the context of the post shall be allowed. TestDome is an automated pre-employment skill testing platform that assesses candidates’ job fitness through real-world job experience. Employers can use it to hire the best candidates for a role quickly by offering work skill tests to their prospects. It provides tests that support various industries, such as accounting, programming, project management, customer service, and more. We reserve the right to edit, optimize the submitted article for SEO to match the interest of our readers. We have a large selection of products & services designed to address the needs of Vendors & Agencies.

Our audience is made up of HR executives and managers. They’re looking for the latest HR news, insight, ideas, how-tos, etc. to help them become better at their jobs. HRMorning is delighted to consider articles from contributors that are informative and authoritative. Iceni Media Inc. owns The HR Gazette and reserves the right to update terms and conditions relating to submitting editorial or sponsored content at any time. Sponsored content is subject to strict terms including payment in advance of publication and electronic payment.

The root cause of these failures is because these employee engagement initiatives pushed… It is not permitted to repurpose the article on any other source. You may include the original link to the article found on TalentCulture within a newly developed article. Write for Us HRwill provide the writer’s big platform and ample opportunity. Join so many other talented HR professionals by contributing to the HR Cloud blog. Write clear, compelling, benefit-oriented copy that will get human readers to click.

While it may be difficult to get published on HBR blogs, it is possible to be published on popular blogs. The hyper-personal voice and genuinely engaging posts make it easy to get involved. The blog’s author, Allison, is an experienced HR professional with more than 20 years of office experience. Guests can contribute to topics that range from employee recognition to the culture of the workplace. Besides the HR blogger, Motivosity is also a great place to submit guest posts. Workology also welcomes guest articles on topics pertaining to HR, technology, recruiting, and more.


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Contact our editorial team with your topic idea and an outline of your blog. Also, try to highlight your expertise in the domain. We don’t publish any duplicate content so your content must be unique. They all work as a team to identify key performance indicators for a particular tool from Individual’s as well as Business’ point of view. Thank you for sharing such informative resources about Hiring and HR Blogs I read some of them and found very interesting. Thank you for the efforts you make to share it with us and looking forward to more updates like same.

For example, you could write an article on how to use big content to unlock exponential growth. When writing the post, you must include a title and a 1-2 sentence description. Then, e-mail the blogger to follow-up and see if your guest post has been published. As a guest author, you should write for the best possible exposure for your content.

There are several tools available for this purpose. These will give you a breakdown of each link’s significance. And while backlinks are an important aspect of website success, you have to keep your backlink profile in check.

The company focuses on business of all sizes, ranging from startups to large enterprises. The blog features articles on everything from SEO to quitting. You can also find helpful resources like workbooks and templates on the site. The posts on Workology are thought-provoking and will surely inspire you to write about HR. When writing for HR blogs, writing compelling benefit-oriented copy is key to building a backlink.

We encourage our contributors to promote their articles via social media. The TalentCulture team will also promote your article and make it shine! All promotions must cite TalentCulture as its original source and provide a link to the post