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What is a Mouse?

Once the desired information is collected, it can be used internally or transferred to another computer or electronic component. A computer is a electronic device that is able to receive, store and process information in a useful way. A computer is programmed to perform logical or arithmetic operations automatically. It is used to zoom in and zoom out on a word document, web page, excel spreadsheet, and more. For that, you are required to hold down the Ctrl key and scroll up and down to zoom in and out.

To transmit their input, typical cabled mice use a thin electrical cord terminating in a standard connector, such as RS-232C, PS/2, ADB, or USB. Cordless mice instead transmit data via infrared radiation or radio , although many such cordless interfaces are themselves connected through the aforementioned wired serial buses. Users can also employ mice gesturally, meaning that a stylized motion of the mouse cursor itself, called a “gesture”, can issue a command or map to a specific action. For example, in a drawing program, moving the mouse in a rapid “x” motion over a shape might delete the shape. For a corded mouse, it includes a cable with a plug that connects to the computer.

The other mouse buttons can do different things, depending on the software. A computer mouse is a handheld hardware input device that controls a cursor in a GUI for pointing, moving and selecting text, icons, files, and folders on your computer. In addition to these functions, a mouse can also be used to drag-and-drop objects and give you access to the right-click menu.


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The following page explains the mouse basics, how it’s held, how to connect it, and how it’s used on the computer. Included on the page are interactive examples that help with practicing with the different mouse features. Instead of rolling the wheel, if you push in on the wheel, it can be used as a third button. We are always looking for good and experienced writers who can write good original quality posts on

Generally, it has two buttons called the left and the right button and a wheel is present between the buttons. A mouse can be used to control the position of the cursor on the screen, but it cannot be used to enter text into the computer. Keyboard is the most common and very popular input device which helps to input data to the computer. The layout of the keyboard is like that of traditional typewriter, although there are some additional keys provided for performing additional functions. You interact with a computer mainly by using the keyboard and mouse, or a trackpad on laptops. Learning to use these devices is essential to learning to use a computer.

For simple software, when the mouse starts to move, the software will count the number of “counts” or “mickeys” received from the mouse and will move the cursor across the screen by that number of pixels . The cursor will move slowly on the screen, with good precision. When the movement of the mouse passes the value set for some threshold, the software will start to move the cursor faster, with a greater rate factor. Usually, the user can set the value of the second rate factor by changing the “acceleration” setting. Thus, any application written to use the Microsoft standard could use a mouse with a driver that implements the same API, even if the mouse hardware itself was incompatible with Microsoft’s.

Below is a listing of all the types of computer mice and pointing devices used with a computer. Today, for a desktop computer, the most common type of mouse is an optical mouse that connects to the USB port and known as a USB mouse. For laptop computers, the most common type of mouse is the touchpad. To use a PC computer mouse, start by gripping it lightly with your dominant hand. Then, single-click on an item or folder if you want to select it. If you want to open an item or folder, double-click on it.

The trackball, a related pointing device, was invented in 1946 by Ralph Benjamin as part of a post-World War II-era fire-control radar plotting system called the Comprehensive Display System . Benjamin was then working for the British Royal Navy Scientific Service. Benjamin’s project used analog computers to calculate the future position of target aircraft based on several initial input points provided by a user with a joystick. Benjamin felt that a more elegant input device was needed and invented what they called a “roller ball” for this purpose. To select one object or icon on your screen, press the left button of your mouse once whilst the pointer is positioned on the desired object you wish to select. Windows 95 and other operating systems let the user adjust the sensitivity of the mouse, including how fast it moves across the screen, and the amount of time that must elapse within a “double click.”.

The only difference is the connector that connects to a USB port on the back of your PC. To use the mouse, one must point and click to issue instructions to the computer. It is an important part of the computer as it helps to make our work easy. There are lots of different styles of mouse, but most have a left and a right button. To delete your typing you need to put your cursor to the right of a word.

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