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Another smartwatch predecessor was Seiko Data 2000, which came out in 1983. It could store two memos of 1,000 characters each and could be attached to a keyboard that came with the watch, which was used to type memos. Fitbit Sense is designed to collect and monitor health and fitness data. It’s rugged and outdoorsy, but still relatively classy.

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Apart from your regular wristwatch, the smartwatch will have many advanced functions like heart rate monitoring, fitness tracking, display notifications, or alerts from your smartphone. A smartwatch keeps you on your toes with regular notifications and alerts about your workout routines, your diet requirements, and your daily goals to be achieved. Even if you forget to hit the gym, your smart wearable fitness device can remind you with an alert. You can analyse your fitness data and make appropriate changes in your lifestyle to meet your fitness goals. It’s not all about only hard work, as some fitness smartwatches are designed to keep a track of your sleep cycles, encouraging you to get adequate sleep which is important for optimum health.

At the same time, advances in silicon miniaturization opened the door to other kinds of dedicated-purpose smartwatches. Companies like Garmin, for example, support smartwatches like the Fenix, which are more rugged and optimized with sensors and trackers to support back-country expeditions. Likewise, companies like Suunto released smartwatches optimized for scuba diving that withstand extended time at significant depths. We are one of the most searched websites for the latest technological happenings in the world of smartwatches. There are millions of traffic on our social media platforms, every week.

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With Apple, Sony, Samsung, and Motorola introducing their smartwatch models, 15 percent of tech consumers use wearable technologies. The functionality of these watches attracts tech consumers with buying power, which has attracted advertisers. Mobile advertising on wearable devices was expected to increase heavily by 2017 as advanced hypertargeting modules were introduced to the devices. In order for an advertisement to be effective on a smartwatch, companies have stated that each ad must be able to create an experience native to the smartwatch itself. On 9 September 2014, Apple Inc. announced its first smartwatch called Apple Watch to be released in early 2015. On 24 April 2015, Apple Watch began shipping across the world.

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