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Make $50 to $2500 Freelance Writing for Business and Career Blogs

The people who receive your pitch (even those with “editor” in their job title) just don’t have the time to clean up after every writer that reaches out to them. One of the things that can guarantee failure with publications is ignoring the writers’ or contributors’ guidelines. Make sure you read those guidelines and follow them to the letter. Some may require you to use a certain word in the email subject, in which case, make sure you use it.

Add them to the comments or to the listonFacebook or LinkedIn. This travel site pays up to $150 for articles about travel advice, experiences, and adventures to help and inspire others to see the world. Transitions Abroad is looking for articles on working, living, volunteering, and studying abroad. While this is one of the sites that pay closer to $250 for posts about people living with disabilities, they do not currently have any calls for submissions. Below is our curated list that will help you find freelance writing jobs. But you’re not going to find them on Craiglist or low-rate content mills that pay pennies per word, or worse.

They pay a flat $200 to writers and photographers upon acceptance at the ROVA magazine website. This Britain based travel magazine features destination features, trip planners, dispatches, round-ups, advice articles, pocket guides, and more. They rarely publish narrative travel features, but do consider inspirational round-ups. They pay £220 per 1,000 published words and £90 for fact pages of approximately 750 words. Nicole Harms has been writing professionally since 2006. She specializes in education content and real estate writing but enjoys a wide gamut of topics.


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They’re even open to you repurposing stories that you’ve already written elsewhere (if it’s legally allowed of course). This Envato-owned blog has thousands of tutorial posts on business skills, finance, management, useful tools, and career development. Do you know a lot about small business branding, social media marketing for small business, productivity, or how to start a business?

They spend more than $30,000/year in high quality content so you’ll have a great chance of getting paid to write on their site. Unemploymentville is a blog about dealing with the challenges of being unemployed, how to find a job, or finding a way to make money . If you don’t hear an answer in 3 weeks, consider it a no. The writer guidelines are very clear, so you know what she wants. The Guardian printed and online newspaper will consider unsolicited articles or pitches on speculation . They don’t usually assign work to unknown writers (basically writers they haven’t worked with in the past).

You can earn anywhere between $200-$500/article. To submit your article idea you must fill-up the formavailable on their website. These 14 websites that will pay are just starting points to earn money. Have you been looking at how to become a freelance writer by looking for sites that pay better rates? Learn how to make money writing by flexing your marketing muscles, and start pitching to earn $100 or more per assignment.