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Law Firm Blog Posts: How to Write

I’ve only spent about five years on in the legal field – four years at a legal newspaper and magazine in Chicago and a half a year here at the American Bar Association. So a little bit of expertise in this field may have seeped into my brain by osmosis. If hyperlinking the resources is not possible, authors may useOxford Standard OSCOLA or any uniform citation style to cite authorities as endnotes. Authors should preferably use hyperlinks within the text itself for citing the resources instead of footnotes. TCLF is a forum for the exchange of ideas and we are open to submissions from all areas of law as long as they have some contemporary relevance. You want to ensure that your keyword or phrase is found often enough throughout the post to register as a prominent topic.

Reputation is everything, and establishing your own is vital. We know that each of these big themes contains countless subtopics. If you want to blog on expungement or firearms civil liberties, which would fall under the umbrella theme of Criminal Protection, we would be delighted. Prioritize covering well-known and thoroughly understood subjects. For this, you must go through/proofread all the content before submission to us. Not gossips though, we share thoughts and ideas on how people can improve their way of life- whether through smart purchases, clever techniques, or intelligent lifestyles.

Backlink that you will earn from my blog will be permanent on your blog. In some cases, we can remove your link such as when you share the guest post link on spamming sites. Promotional legal content won’t be accepted on You need to take approval for topic on which you want to create the article. Please use the proper attribution of any outside sources used for data, quotations, or images that you use/reference in your blog post.

We are looking for guest bloggers who want to share knowledge in their areas of expertise within marketing. Whenever mentioning important facts or statistics, make sure to link to the primary sources where the law, information or data resides. Occasionally, we create statistically-intensive web content for law firms . When we do this, we analyze the data and transform it to reveal interesting facts related to the firm’s primary practice area.

We are a small growing firm in Kansas City and focus on criminal law. To differentiate your piece from the work of other legal bloggers, use attention-grabbing headings, bullet points, subheadings, and short paragraphs. Images and graphics are welcome as long as they provide relevant information. They can feel free to share the idea’s relevant to legal niche on Best US Lawyers directory. So that users can get some quality legal information from our blog.


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The more engaged your site’s visitors and blog readers are, the more that will translate into business. The main topic of your blog post should be easy to identify by the title and introduction. Readers don’t want to thoroughly read your content to discover what it’s about. If the topic is unclear or hard to understand by the first few sentences, they’ll most likely skip reading your post. • You shouldn’t include any sales pitches or promote your company in the piece you write.

It needs to make a deep dive in educating such communities where all the opportunities lie. Through unique guest posts, you can share your insights that resonates with our readers. Are you a thought leader in the insurance, risk management, healthcare, or related industries? We are always looking to partner with experts who can write unique, effective content. Although we prefer original content, we also syndicate existing articles.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you begin content writing for your law firm. For some basic advice on guest blogger best practices, read How to be a Good Guest Blogger from ProBlogger, and 7 Mistakes that Lead to Guest Post Failure from Copyblogger. Our current thought leaders include a former comptroller general of the United States and head of the U.S.

This is where the guest posting service law can come into use for any big or small legal firm. We have the resources of many ABA publications at our disposal to share here. Which is all well and good, but we want to have original content as well.

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