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How To Write An Irresistible Event Description with Examples

Your post topic must be relevant to our own product in some way, for example, our tool allows a user to plan strategically toward an agreed-upon goal with the help of our resource library. You would submit a relevant post that might focus on how you strategically achieve your goals. A relevant post for our more creative readers might focus on color/ design effects the overall attitude of the person surrounded by it. We like to keep our posts specific so write to the audience you know best on the topic you know best.

Make sure you spend time on data quality to ensure that the lists can be reused in the future. Being active on social networks before, during, and after your event is crucial for success, as is determining the appropriate amount of email promotion. Vital.In fact, over 40% of marketers believe that live events are their number one marketing channel. The engagement provided by events is uniquely powerful, providing an invaluable opportunity for positive personal interaction that builds loyalty. One of the biggest reasons for a business to participate in an event is to establish and grow its brand. Event marketing allows your company to interact with potential buyers and express itself in real time.

Following are the tricks to writing an email newsletter for event marketing that works. Our main target audience are interior designer and signage companies, so your guest posts topics also should be industry-facing. An experiential marketing campaign shouldn’t just focus on selling a product or service — it oftentimes can, and should, focus on a larger issue. In this case, Lululemon’s dedication to Pride Month increased brand awareness and loyalty.

If you’d like to submit an article for publication on the RWC blog simply fill out the form to the right to tell us your idea or submit a fully written piece. Don’t be afraid of employing unusual ideas for events, but make sure they meet your business needs. The best way to ruin your event is by neglecting to promote it. You’ll get next to no in visitors, and your event will be dead in the water. To reduce the odds of this gloomy outcome, consider adopting the strategies and ideas we’ve prepared for you. Join Airmeet’s community on Slack, a place where Event Profs & Airmeet users from around the world gather to share ideas, best practices, and more.


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Holding or attending events is a powerful part of a healthy lead acquisition strategy. Large business meetings gather an audience which has an interest in your field, product, or new opportunities in general. Chances are the attendees will become warm leads and loyal customers later on. Whatever strategy a brand sticks to, 95% of marketers consider event marketing to be the most important way to achieve business goals.

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