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#5 Guest writers are expected to write in plain English with appropriate grammar and spelling. I also encourage guest bloggers to include relatable experiences and personality in their articles. Please send it to the editor email for any inquiries or guest post submission. Please pitch us your content topic first, and if approved, please submit your articles in Microsoft Word format or Google docs. We want to inspire our readers with knowledge of physical health and mental wellness.

For more experienced writers it can be hard to get by without compensation for your hard work, but we hope you all know that you do get compensated in other ways. By contributing to our site, you’re building a following and making connections that will likely come with future job opportunities. Your article will be reviewed within a week after its submission and then it will be sent back to you with a request to make the necessary adjustments.

This requirement is because our readers love long content that answers all their queries. First, you need to determine the goals of your guest posting. We don’t accept those articles that are relevant to the importance of health, latest technology, travel advisory, lifestyle, role of digital marketing, etc.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

As a trusted resource for health and wellness information, we are always looking for new content to feature on our site. If you are a health expert with something valuable to share, we want to hear from you. The criteria for getting your article published is to be written at least 800 words long with no grammatical errors, as well as generally categorizing on “Health and Fitness” related topics. If our editors find the piece informative enough, it will be published here. With our articles, we want to educate and provide a steady stream of new knowledge concerning important food and nutrition-related concepts.

If your article has already been published elsewhere, it will be rejected unless you’ve clarified that you’re submitting it for syndication consideration. High-quality content that is relevant, face-driven, research-based and easy for our audience to understand. This platform does not publish content supporting any ideology that fosters inequality and intolerance, and we welcome submissions from all educational backgrounds and disciplines.

Make sure you conduct thorough research and cite sources before submitting your article. Since these topics are open-ended, they give you the freedom to write about what interests you. Disability Help is an online magazine, platform, and community dedicated to providing a safe haven for disabled people.

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