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Guest Blogging Write for Us Digital Marketing Guest Post Submission Guidelines

If the topic is relevant to your product or service, there is nothing wrong with mentioning it. But there is a big difference between shameless selling and offering useful and usable information to readers. Typically, a guest post offers mutual benefits for both the guest blogger and the website hosting the guest content. You can use the BuzzSumo tool for this by setting the content type filter to guest posts. Once you become a regular guest contributor for a platform, they create a user account for you which you can use to build your brand. Add the necessary details and include social media links to your handles.

We’re a Lagos based Digital Marketing Agency that offers tailored digital marketing services across Nigeria. It does not matter whether you are in Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Uyo, Lagos, Abuja, Jos, Kaduna, Owerri, Benin City, or Enugu. Do not use titles that are already included in our different blogs.

The reports generated by this tool are undoubtedly a highlight. They are detailed and list the key metrics such as the social influence of the site and the link building profile. You can also use tools like Extract page title, description, and keywords from URLs tool, Link building query generator, and Build Outreach lists from blogrolls. Because these tools are used to either polish your content, analyze the target website, or increase your outreach. There are various online SEO tools to scrape websites for metrics.

Include outbound links only to authoritative case studies, reports, and supporting blog articles. Links that do not add any value or are unnecessary should be not be added. You can simply visit other blogs in your niche that accept guest authors, and see who’s writing for them. Chances are, they may be interested in writing for your blog too. End each post with a call-to-action asking readers to leave a comment or share. The more people comment and share your blog, the more popular your post will become in an SEO search.

Of course, there are several factors to consider about where to post, when to post and what topics. Make sure the article submitted by you is authentic and should be free from copyright infringement. If we think it’s the right fit, we’ll be in touch to discuss the next steps and anything else we need to publish your post. We suggest including images in your article, but make sure you do not use copyrighted images and that you have sufficient permission to use them.

Don’t worry; there’s a free plug-in to help you with this. Guest posting for the sake of backlinks isn’t going to work. You need a better reason and a proper plan, and you also need to consider your resources. Another way is to ask a leading question at the end of your guest blog. People like to respond to a question as they are more likely to know what to say. You can establish yourself as a reliable and authoritative voice in your niche.


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And that the content is in line with the interests of your company! If the guest post does not align with your business, brand, or tone of voice, it will have an inverse and negative impact. We encourage writers from a wide variety of backgrounds to submit guest posts to our website. We are giving writers and small business owners an incredible opportunity to obtain widespread attention and a platform to share their insights with the world. You can contribute your useful content to our recognized webpage at competitive rates.

Now Mr Potatohead has gained some link equity indirectly from the guest post he wrote. The topics are of free choice, however, they have to be about the latest trends and events of digital marketing and content marketing. However, they have to be about the latest trends and events of digital marketing and content marketing.

However, if you have just entered the vast world of guest blogging, it is always better to start with something familiar to feel overwhelming. The idea is to find platforms that can be linked with your niche so that you can continue to build your reader base. All submitted articles are subject to editing and approval before posting.

That means 100% original copy, unique strategies, and practical angles. For example, topics like “How to speed up your SEO with PPC” can often be seen there. Your best bet is to connect with an editor via social networks, hands down. Another great trick is a content gap analysis to missing content and holes in the blog’s existing arsenal.

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