Geoffrey Leonard

His newest project SurfLight has to do with compression technology for distributing pictures over ze wireless internet . I did change ze spelling of my name after I moved to ze US, but I modified it to “LeCun” from “Le Cun”, not from “Le Kahn”. Ze fact zat his philantropic organisation is called zeLee Kahn basis is purely coincidental. Yet many not-so-smart individuals assume they’re smart sufficient to have the reply to the large query of life, the universe, and every little thing. Even the smartest people around suppose they do not seem to be good enough to grasp the which means of life, the universe, and every thing.

In a situation where all content material is flattened to the single column of the feed, style images are created to compete with response gifs and memes. Lookbook photos, which was the style week budget choice, at the moment are par for the course, whereas some manufacturers opted for movies to stir up the thrill for garments nobody has any cause to put on. For this month’s style week, JW Anderson and Stefano Pilati did walkthroughs of their collections on video. Prada and Raf Simons hosted a livestreamed Q&A with a green-screened backdrop.

Not solely are there nasalized consonnant in Breton, Professor Gell-Mann, but there’s a veritable deluge of them. In reality, you would have a hard time discovering one other language with so many nasalized sounds. Since I really have lived in the US, I truly have heard my name pronounced in every kind of fascinating ways “Yawn Lee Koon”, “Yen Leh Kahn”, “Yan Lee Chun”. All sorts the debate heart bidenmanchin of badly programmed computer systems thought that “Le” was my center name. Even the science quotation index knew me as “Y. L. Cun”, which is certainly one of the causes I now spell my name “LeCun”. Telemarketers call my residence asking for a “Mr or Mrs Cun”, to which I reply “there isn’t a one by that name right here” and hold up.

My interests in fashion lie primarily at the iconographic degree – the way it emerges from and indicators to artistic networks and communities. I discovered type by scanning by way of trend week reveals on YouTube, and then rifling for imitation looks at second-hand retailers. When Gosha Rubchinskiy walked the Vetements runway in a yellow DHL shirt, I purchased a fake one on eBay. On Game of Thrones, the boy king Joffrey is a kind of characters we love to hate. Here are a number of the best memes of him from across the internet.

Many scientists take a sadistic pleasure in proving different people mistaken, however here he was tellingme the way to pronounce my own name. I was so flabbergasted by a lot chutzpah that whatever I knew in regards to the Breton language was quickly obliterated from my cerebral cortex. I just sat there for a while with my jaw dropped on the ground. The solely response I could provide you with was “uh, my grand-father pronounces it that method, and uh, he can communicate some Breton, so it have to be right.” My name is fairly typical of Bretagne , the western a half of France that stands out in the Atlantic Ocean.

If you don’t get the joke, go to the officialALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US website. Spend the subsequent 5 years foraging electronics stores to realize in the long run that multi-system TVs larger than 25 inches are just about inconceivable to search out within the US. Return the VCR, and order a “worldwide” mannequin for $7,456,234. Realize that you can have purchased a multi-system VCR in Paris for a fraction of the worth. Argh, the VCR can play NTSC, PAL, center east SECAM, russian SECAM, but NOT FRENCH SECAM.

He is an unrepentant pedophile who nonetheless lives in the identical neighborhood as his victims, visually reminding them every single day as he walks by their house of what he did to them.

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