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Valid sources are versions of the Catholic Bible, Church doctrines, Papal Bulls and Official books/theological pieces/articles/publications by the Church or by Catholic Saints. Scientific and Historical sources from certified research institutions are also allowed. I’d love to share six psalms Busted Halo’s readers can turn to for comfort in times of illness. In this piece, I would highlight the different ways six specific psalms show God’s understanding of–and compassion for–sickness.

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The most solemn moment of the Holy Mass is the consecration. Up to this moment, what was on the altar is merely bread and wine. Giving praise and thanks to God; the priest, then, prays imposing his hands over the gifts. He calls upon the Holy Spirit to come down and transform the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ by making the sign of the cross over the gifts. Following this, he recalls the events of the institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper.

After University I had a few part time jobs including being a waiter on the Canadian Pacific Railway train that traveled across Canada. Usage of pictures must be properly credited and sourced with the name of the artist/art house/owner/publication house being mentioned and linked. Busted Halo hopes to share the Catholic faith in a fun and interactive way and provide creative resources for Catholics to use when sharing the faith with others. If you have a website or social media profiles, I will add these links to your bio on your author page and to the bottom of your posts. I reserve the right to decline an article if it is poorly written, inappropriate, offensive or off-topic.

Will not consider submissions that have already appeared on other websites or blogs or in print publications. Summarize and critique a book , movie, or musical work. $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 “A quarterly magazine devoted to timely legal problems having ethical, jurisprudential, philosophical, canonoical, or theological implications.”

Please endeavor to mention books that are currently in print and available. If we’re recommending a resource to our readers, it should be easy to get. The markup on out-of-print books is ridiculous, and that’s a frustration for our readers. If you do wish to mention one do note that the resource is out of print and might be available in a library. If you would like to include a note with your article indicating the sort of image you’re hoping to accompany it, we’ll do our best to find something that captures the feel you’re looking for.

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