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Full-size cars and large sport utility vehicles can often carry six, seven, or more occupants depending on the arrangement of the seats. On the other hand, sports cars are most often designed with only two seats. The assembly line style of mass production and interchangeable parts had been pioneered in the US by Thomas Blanchard in 1821, at the Springfield Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts. This concept was greatly expanded by Henry Ford, beginning in 1913 with the world’s first moving assembly line for cars at the Highland Park Ford Plant.


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The modern era is normally defined as the 40 years preceding the current year. The modern era has been one of increasing standardization, platform sharing, and computer-aided design—to reduce costs and development time—and of increasing use of electronics for both engine management and entertainment systems. The Ford Model A was a prototype for the beginning of Soviet mass car production . In this era the revolutionary pontoon design of cars without fully articulated fenders, running boards and other noncompact ledge elements was introduced in small series but mass production of such cars was started much later . The 1908 New York to Paris Race was the first circumnavigation of the world by automobile. German, French, Italian, and American teams began in New York City 12 February 1908 with three of the competitors ultimately reaching Paris.

Automotive History – An ongoing photographic history of the automobile. University of Washington Libraries Digital Collections – Transportation photographs Digital collection depicting various modes of transportation in the Pacific Northwest region and western US during the first half of the 20th century. Rambler’s compacts were the industry’s best sellers by the decade’s end – and a spur to AMC’s Big Three rivals, who soon launched small cars of their own. The financial crisis of 2007–2008 cut almost a third of light vehicle sales from Chrysler, Toyota, Ford, and Nissan.

Tooling for plastic components generally costs less and requires less time to develop than that for steel components and therefore may be changed by designers at a lower cost. Britannica is the ultimate student resource for key school subjects like history, government, literature, and more. We want articles that are both extremely informative and entertaining. They should be the best article on the web for the given topic covered.

It also subtracted about a fourth of Honda’s sales and about a seventh of sales from General Motors. 1922–1939 Austin 7—a widely copied vehicle serving as a template for many cars such as BMW and Nissan. 1917 Mitsubishi Model A—an all hand-built car built by Japanese company Mitsubishi in limited numbers for Japanese executives. 1910–1920 Bugatti Type 13—a notable racing and touring model with advanced engineering and design. 10)- Before going to share the content, please check your content quality at any plagiarism checker website.

The lack of suitable fuels, particularly liquids, hampered early attempts at making and using internal combustion engines—therefore some of the earliest engines used gas mixtures. Christiaan Huyghens (1629–1695) built a powder-powered internal combustion engine to supply water for irrigation of Versailles palace gardens, used as latrines by visitors. offer writers or companies a fantastic opportunity to obtain broad attention and a platform for sharing their start-up narrative or material.

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