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You don’t have to grow up on a farm to write articles relevant to farmers. Although some material in agriculture magazines is written by experts in the field, like many publications, they often rely on freelance writers for part of their content. If you’re not an expert, however, always get your information from authoritative sources. Farmers may work from dawn to dusk during seasonal peaks, but they also take time to read about the latest news and relevant shifts in agriculture practices to help them improve their way of life.

If you haven’t heard from us after a week, feel free to submit the article elsewhere. Please go through our acceptance rules and guidelines for submission below. Make the article easy to read by using headings/subheadings, bullet points, and numbers lists when possible, and break-up paragraphs that are longer than 5-6 lines in Microsoft Word. Every claim needs to be backed up with factual data, studies, experiments whereas you link to the research. Only theme-based articles providing valuable information or tips will be considered. As of 2017, only about 4% of farms have sales over $1m, but these farms yield two-thirds of total output.

If you create engaging, authoritative content with new solutions to common problems or tips to modernize practices that appeals to agriculture producers, then you can break into a new writing market. By branching out into alternative topics, you’ll also discover a less competitive writing market and content that appeals to smaller, hobby farmers who can’t afford to compete with larger farming operations. is a startup in the agriculture and livestock field to explore insights of farming for technical and non-technical people. Agriculture field is so vast and consist of different methodologies, we are going to compile that. Businesses sell farmers genetically modified seeds that resist certain pesticides and herbicides produced by the company. (Herbicides kill weeds and other plants that threaten the crop.) With these seeds, farmers can use toxic chemicals without harming the crop.


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By covering most of the ground with vegetation, intercropping prevents moisture loss and soil erosion from seasonal rains. Farmers who grow GM foods increase production with less labor and less land. Vegetables and fruits last longer and are less likely to bruise.

We receive many inquiries every day, so make your article idea stand out while adhering to the above guidelines. We prefer to read and share easy articles, success stories, case studies on-farm technology. Agriculture in the United States is primarily governed by periodically renewed U.S. farm bills. Governance is both a federal and a local responsibility with the United States Department of Agriculture being the federal department responsible.

Cultures have been breeding animals for centuries—evidence suggests Mongolian nomads were selectively breeding horses in the Bronze Age. Europeans began to practice selective breeding on a large scale beginning in the 18th century. An early example of this is the Leicester sheep, an animal selectively bred in England for its quality meat and long, coarse wool. This system preserved nutrients in the soil, increasing crop production.

Government aid includes research into crop types and regional suitability as well as many kinds of subsidies, some price supports and loan programs. U.S. farmers are not subject to production quotas and some laws are different for farms compared to other workplaces. One characteristic of the agricultural industry that sets it apart from others is the number of individuals who are self-employed. Frequently, farmers and ranchers are both the principal operator, the individual responsible for successful management and day-to-day decisions, and the primary laborer for his or her operation. For agricultural workers that sustain an injury, the resultant loss of work has implications on physical health and financial stability.

Large-scale adaptation and mitigation of these threats relies on changes in farming policy. The United States has over 14,000 certified organic farms, covering more than 5 million acres, though this is less than 1% of total US farmland. The output of these farms has grown substantially since 2011, and exceeded $7.5 billion USD in 2016. In addition to smaller productions of other agricultural products, such as melon , pumpkin , grapefruit , cranberry , cherry , blueberry , rye , olive , etc.

You also get exposure on our site and can include a URL link to your website in the bio (no keyword-optimized links). If your content is selected we will contact you with replay by email. Should be unique well described solving problems of gardeners and farmers. We’ll post it as soon as we can, but can’t tell you which date it will be live. Once we receive your article, our editorial team will review it and if your article is accepted, you will hear from us within a week.

The ratio of population to farmable land has favored some countries more than others. Some experts believe government policies in developed and developing countries have hindered equal food distribution. Droughts, floods, and other disasters continue to cause local food shortages. In many developed countries, poultry production has become a major agricultural industry. Birds are given the same sort of vaccines and hormones used for cattle.

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