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101 Property Management Blog Post Ideas

The more lengthy content you provide, the more chances it gets to be accepted as paid content. Explain the rules that govern how often property can be inspected before it crosses into the line of harassment. Disclose that even above legal limitations, social etiquette should be followed when deciding how often to inspect a leased property. There are common loopholes that tenants can use to escape their lease before the expiration date, explain what these loopholes are and how to avoid them with better contracts.

Let readers know about any exciting upcoming events that will be hosted on your property. Sharing the history and the purpose of the property you manage is a good way to lure in residents as well as showcase your portfolio to potential clients. Naturally, a separate post should be created for each of the properties you may manage. Please note that we are sent many article ideas and articles daily, so we are not always able to respond to you straight away.

Property management is related to the business and marketing perspective. The content writer should know adequate knowledge of it. From 3 to more than 150 team members dedicated to providing owners the best property management experience around. Join BiggerPockets and get access to real estate investing tips, market updates, and exclusive email content.


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However, please keep in mind that we accept only unique, well-written, and well-researched contributions. With LinksManagement service you are guaranteed to have a platform to write on. In the LinksManagement collection, there are a plethora of blogs ready to accept guest posts from you and leave backlinks to your site or blog. Prudential California is an active and growing blog that shares trends in the real estate industry.

Every content should carrya minimum of one unique image . It’s compulsory to include, and it must be distinctive. It should not be published elsewhere, or it should be under a creative commons license and also layout an image creditwhere necessary. Do you wish to contribute content to one of the most extensive and fast-growing Properties, Real Estate, DIY circles in the world?